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About Marine Bunker Exchange


Marine Bunker Exchange's goal is to rationalise the bunker industry by focusing the necessary information on the one website - A one stop website!

Why use our information site - Advantages

Our site is completely tailor-made for the marine bunker industry, in short it gives the user all the necessary tools to be able to assess the market.

It starts with the oil exchange, the so called oil futures which will give the user an idea of what is actually happening with the oil market at that particular moment. Oil futures also give the user an indication of the upcoming day's spot bunker prices turning out.

Our spot bunker market is updated continuously throughout the day which means a port can be updated several times a day.

User Profitability

By having all necessary information at hands and understanding how the information is interdependent on the one website, leads to a greater understanding of the price mechanism in the bunker industry. This understanding will improve the timing for buying and/or selling marine products such as gas oil and fuel oil, and thereby increase the profitability for the user.


It is our vision that we will eventually become the informatory website by choice within the marine bunker industry worldwide. The preferred or leading website would be ideal, which would make it easy for all operators, buyers, suppliers, brokers & traders to find their particular counterpart on the Marine Bunker Exchange's website.