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Rotterdam(NL) Market Indications   
Ex Barge     429 arrow     448 arrow    


23 Jul
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Rotterdam (NL) Price Forecast
Forecast for today:
Forecast for tomorrow:


Data retrived: 2018-07-23 18:07 CET
Please note that above-mentioned prices are purely indicative -based on volumes fuel 500 mt and mdo / gas oil 100 mt-, to be used as guidance only, since market is fluctuating constantly.


Prices published are only indications and may therefore vary.
Marine Bunker Exchange takes no responsibility for any market decisions taken on the basis of such indications.
MABUX World Bunker Index 380 HS, 180 HS and MGO (Gasoil) Future Curve
world index
oil futures
Brent crude oil
Prices shown in $/barrel
Light crude oil (WTI)
Prices shown in $/barrel
Gas oil
Prices shown in $/mton
Heating oil
Prices shown in $/mton
National Balаncing Point NBP
Prices shown in pence/therms

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